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How to use the FlipGive App to earn more for your team!

Happy Saturday Flipgivers! Exciting news coming from our headquarters, we totally revamped our app! We added more features to make the most out of...

Team Spotlight

Raise to Win: How last year's winners raised over $260,000!

If these teams can do it, YOURS can too.

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Team Spotlight

Sidelined by a concussion: How a FlipGive Hockey Grant winner fought her way back

"How do we parent for this? As we saw more and more therapists they kept saying ‘oh this is severe’, they kept saying that it’s bad."

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Fundraising Tips

How To Hack Your Fundraiser

Deciding how to fundraise for your team can be really challenging. Check out our top hacks!

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Top 6 Laptops for Students

You know your kids are grown up when your usual back to school shopping cart now includes a laptop. Finding the best laptop for them can be quite...